It all started when we met back in 2002. We both moved from Puerto Rico to Georgia with our families and while in high school met each other at Saint Joseph Catholic Church in Marietta, Georgia. At the beginning we did not like each other but later on when we saw each other again in college we decided to start dating. More details will be shared in the Podcast and our Blog!

In 2008 we got engaged and in 2010 we got married at the same church we met. We later on had three daughters: Viviana, Natalia and Daniela. They are our life and we are so blessed to have them. Our goal in life is for them to be happy. We really want them to achieve their dreams no matter how big or small it might be.

Besides being parents, we also own our own business. Michael is an attorney and I manage the office. We literally do everything together. One day while we were taking a morning walk Michael came up with the idea of starting a podcast together. I have thought about this idea but never really said anything.

I really loved the

idea and here we are!

We decided to start our own podcast to share how we do everything together and how we make it work, from parenting together to running a business together to working in our relationship we have learned so much. We have learned from our mistakes and we have celebrated our blessings and we wanted to share with others.



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Giselle & Michael