Things I have learned in


Twenty-twenty, a year to remember. A year where everything we knew as normal completely changed. A year in which we were going to be tested in every angle of our lives. A year that brought the best and the worst in people. But I like to think about the things I have learned this year rather than focus on all the negatives. After all everything happens for a reason and it’s not about why this happened but for what reasons it happened. I think that the reasons are that we had a lot to learn.

This year I learned to appreciate life. Life is a gift, a precious gift. The only thing we know about life is that it has a beginning and an end, everything else is a mystery and through our decisions the story of our lives will start to be written. We don’t know when life will begin and when will it end. Therefore, I learned to live one day at a time. I value every day, every hour, every minute and every second I get to be alive. I strive to be better and appreciate everything I have. Today I am grateful because all my family is healthy and doing great. That is more than enough for me.

This year I have learned to connect to people in a deeper level. To really understand their emotions. To rekindle old relationships and dedicate more time to friends and family. To find new ways to connect such as video chats and Zoom. To really look after my love ones and not forget to look the other way when they need me.

This year I have learned to love myself. I had enough time during the quarantine to examine myself. To look at who I am and where I want to be. To look at my body and understand that I need to take care of it, or life will force me too as I get older. I am the happiest I have ever been this year. The year that everything turned upside down I found my identity. I found what makes me happy, what I am grateful for, and where I want to go. This year I have learned the importance of family time. The beauty of having lunch together or playing outside or simply watching a movie cuddling my babies. I found the beauty in the small things in life. I found out that to raise a happy family all you need is love and faith in God, everything else will fall in place. God will provide as long as you have faith and you help yourself. This year I learned to stop routines that don’t allow for growth. I learned to say no to things I felt obligated to say yes in the past. Time is the most precious commodity we have. We must use it wisely. We must invest our time in things that improve us, help us grow and bring happiness. We also need time to reflect and heal, to create memories with our loved ones and to create new goals. Therefore, anything that does not contribute to that must go! This year I learned that I have the power to make my own decisions without needing the approval of anyone else. I am capable and smart enough to make my own choices and assume the consequences. I don’t need the approval of anyone to make changes in my life. Overall, I am grateful for this year. Even though did not turn out as expected. Even though our big trip to Spain was cancelled. Even though our plans to grow the firm where slowed down. Even though our daughters cannot go to school. I am grateful because I am alive and my life has purpose and meaning, and to me that is enough.